The Franklin Times Issue #6

Hello Force! Here is the latest issue of The Franklin Times. This issue contains the final articles written by last semester's writing staff and reveals our new and improved newsletter design. It is our mission to continue producing content that

Middle School Preview Days

Our experienced Middle School teachers know the needs of individual students due to deliberate structures limiting our class sizes to 18. In our school, individual interests and questions are encouraged and incorporated into daily

We have a NEW Makerspace!

We are excited to announce that the Franklin Academy has added a Makerspace. Middle School 7-8th grade students will have this as a course, including a culminating project (more information to come)! Our K-6 students can access this space in

The Value of Learning a Second Language

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Did you know Spanish is the second most spoken language globally in terms of a native of native speakers, but it is also the official language of 21 countries? Our Spanish program starts in preschool and continues sequentially through 8th grade.