Did you know Spanish is the second most spoken language globally in terms of a native of native speakers, but it is also the official language of 21 countries?

Our Spanish program starts in preschool and continues sequentially through 8th grade. Through exposure and fun activities, teachers help out students develop a love of language in their early years, as they build vocabulary and comfort using Spanish. 6th Graders start using our state-of-the-art program, where they conjugate verbs and benefit from an oral component along with online learning tools such as practice quizzes and interactive vocabulary games to help to learning.

Our graduating 8th Graders often cite Spanish as a signature experience because of the communication skills they developed and their gratitude to our dedicated teachers. Squalicum High School senior and 8th Grade graduate of our program, Kamden I., shared, “The continuous Spanish program helped me feel over-prepared for Spanish 2 as a freshman and freed my schedule up for other Advanced Placement courses through 12th Grade.”

Note: This is an article feature in our physical newsletter from Fall.

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