Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are at The Franklin Academy?

Founded in 1971, The Franklin Academy now serves over 390 students from preschool through 8th grade.

How big are class sizes?

Our student class limit varies by grade and can often have more than one section:


Early Preschool to Early K (2 1/2 to 4- 5 years old): 6 to 15 students *Early Preschool students are 90% potty trained & 3 and 4 year olds are fully potty trained.

Lower School
Kindergarten – 4th Grade: 11 to 17 students per class

Middle School 
5th – 8th Grade: 11 to 19 students per class

Does The Franklin Academy have any Accreditations?

Yes. Franklin is proud to be accredited with Cognia. The Franklin Academy is also STEM certified, as of 2023.

What is the student-to-teacher ratio?

Our student-to-teacher ratio is a trademark of our program and the school constantly keeps class sizes small.

How experienced are the teachers?

Each Preschool teacher has a minimum of a degree or transferable educational experience, and most K-8th faculty members have a bachelor’s degree or advanced certifications (master’s degrees).

What facilities are in Robin Hall (Preschool – 1st Grade)?

Robin Hall has 12 classrooms, as well as, a library, a gym space, a lunchroom, an outdoor playground, a chapel space, and an outdoor classroom area. Kindergarten and 1st Grade go to Markell Hall for some of their specialist classes.

What facilities are in the Markell Hall (2nd – 8th Grade)?

Markell Hall has 15 classrooms, as well as a music room, a weight room, four science laboratories, a lunchroom, a library, locker rooms, a regular-sized gymnasium (convertible to performance space and Makerspace area), and a large field for use during recess, lunch, and afterschool activities.

What academic enrichment opportunities are offered during school?

We provide children with a personalized education they need to excel. A cross-grade curriculum focused on career exploration in STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – using a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to help students experience real-world applications. Students in 5-8th Grade participate in four diverse electives each Wednesday, ranging from House Council, where a student-led group plans and implements student activities, to Canva-based Digital Scrapbooking, where students learn about storytelling through pictures, writign and digital creations.

What team sports or opportunities are offered after school at The Franklin Academy? What morning and afterschool care is available?

We are part of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Associate (WIAA). Some of our team sports include cross-country, basketball, volleyball, and track & field.

The Franklin Academy offers school care for families that need to drop students off early. The doors open at 7 a.m. and students will be dismissed to their homeroom/advisor classes at 8 a.m.  The price for morning care is $10 per student per day. After school care is available until 6 p.m. The price is $35 per student per day. Note: It’s $45 a day if a parent needs both.

Some of our after school enrichment opportunities include the chess team, Robotics, and BAAY Theatre Workshops (talk to the front desk for an up-to-date list of offerings and Robin Hall Summer Camp opportunities for current families). 

Does The Franklin Academy accept students of all religions?

Yes. The Franklin Academy is an independent, open, and accepting community. We warmly welcome students and teachers of all backgrounds and beliefs. Students assemble for chapel service once a week depending on age and have other opportunities to explore and discuss religious and spiritual matters. All are free to express their doubts and faiths. Our aim is to open minds, not to mold them.

What are some of the signature highlights of the program? 

  • Led by experienced, dedicated, and qualified teachers.
  • Small class sizes with a quality teacher-to-student ratio at every grade level.
  • Students routinely exceed state and national performance standards.
  • Students receive 15% more in-class instructional time than public schools provide.
  • Consistent family communication with access to teachers and administration.
  • Strong parent involvement – The Franklin Academy is not just a school; it’s a nurturing and supportive community.
  • An academic environment that follows national standards from experts in each subject area.
  • A cross-grade curriculum focused on career exploration in STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – using a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to help students experience real-world applications.
  • A program emphasizing achievement, leadership, and moral & spiritual development.
  • Service opportunities at each grade level, ranging from Kindergarteners delivering apples to our school neighborhood to 8th Graders serving a special soup at the Lighthouse Mission.
  • A “common math hour” starting in 2nd Grade throughout our program so that students are at an ability level where they can thrive, as students gain a love for and confidence in math that sets them up for future success (at grade level or advanced).
  • Experiential Learning – Field Trips that complement the academic curriculum (potential to change in new academic years):
  • Preschool families are invited to go to pumpkin patches in the Fall
  • Lower Grades go to Mt. Baker Theatre productions twice a year and several grades have signature experiences to bring their curriculum to life. For example, First Grade goes to the Seattle Science Center and 3rd Grade enjoys the SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention
  • Middle School (5th – 8th Grade) students have the option of participating in full-day Ski Days (offered in February)
  • 5th Grade enjoys Canoe Island French Camp, which is an outdoor education program near Orcas Island
  • 6th Grade goes to NatureBridge on the Olympic Peninsula and investigates old growth forests, wilderness coasts, and alpine peaks
  • 7th Grade goes to Philadelphia & DC to explore our American History and to discover information about our school’s namesake, Benjamin Franklin
  • 8th Grade goes on an international trip as a culmination of their literature and history studies

  • Success – Oriented Dress Code (K-8) — Our students wear uniforms starting in Kindergarten since uniforms are proven to increase achievement by encouraging students to concentrate more on academics and less on their wardrobe.
  • Children are provided with the personalized education they need to excel in the following courses: Science, Humanities (Language Arts/Literature), Social Studies, and Math. Additional courses are added as students progress through the grade levels:
  • Preschool – Spanish and Music
  • Lower School – Spanish, Music, Art, Physical Education, and Library 
  • Middle School – Spanish, Physical Education, Library, Coding (5th Grade Technology), Economics/Engineering, Makerspace (5th Grade Art), and the choice of electives like Band and Robotics.
  • Middle School sports teams compete within Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) League.
  • Extracurricular opportunities are provided for involvement with Passport Club, Math Team, Young Writers Workshop, Video Production Club, Chess Team, and Geography Bee.
  • Membership in Multi-grade House League — Each student is assigned to one of our four Houses: Ershig (Cougars, Red), Ferlin (Sharks, Purple), Hess (Lions, Yellow), or Kaiser (Eagles, Green). Middle School students meet every morning and at the end of each day with fellow members of their House. This creates camaraderie between grade levels and gives students a place where they feel at home. The Houses also participate in friendly competitions to receive points and work their way to the House Cup! 
  • The Franklin Academy Science and Engineering Fair (since 2012) and Economics Fair (since 2023)
  • Confidential tuition assistance is available for qualifying families.
  • Preschool through 8th Grade is accredited by Cognia.