Parents Actively Lending Support (PALS)

Who are we?

PALS means Parents Actively Lending Support to a multitude of enrichment programs and events designed to enhance students’ learning experiences (in laymen terms, we are the PTA!).

Mission Statement:

By embracing the diversity of our school, the mission of Franklin Academy PALS is to connect the home, school and community, and to enrich every child’s learning experience.

We do this by:

  • Promoting parental and family participation and involvement
  • Providing funding and volunteer support for the school improvement projects and field trips
  • Creating a strong community through educational programs and family events

How do I join?

Every parent at The Franklin Academy is already a member of PALS. Please go to our PALS website for more information and sign up sheets to upcoming events.

So, what does PALS do? Our mission this year is to build a stronger sense of community and fellowship within the school while supporting the many enrichment programs that enhance our children’s learning experiences. We offer support to our teachers and staff and provide funds for school improvement projects and field trips.

Visit the PALS Website →

Two organizations under PALS are Chapel Service Guild and Library Guild.

For any questions, feel free to mail us at .