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The preschool’s philosophy is that children learn through active participation, exploration, and self-discovery. We offer a very close-knit, challenging, and nurturing community that offers a full day, 3 days, or 5 days a week schedule for Early Preschool through Pre-K. The curriculum is literacy-rich, allows for exploration in science discovery (STEM focus) and the math program provides a balance of fun and academically appropriate activities. The full-day enrichment allows exploration with reading and writing activities that lead to investigating the world.

                                                                                                Full Day Preschool Program!

Top-Rated Academics

Since every child is unique, we provide an academically based program that is responsive to individual differences and needs. Our children participate in multi-sensory experiences that foster development and growth in a literacy-rich environment. We implement a curriculum that focuses on all areas of child development: cognitive, emotional, linguistic, physical, and social. We strive to provide a positive learning environment that will allow children to grow with joy and wonder.


1:10 Student to Teacher Ratio


Individual Focus

Small class size and a challenging, yet nurturing environment characterize the Franklin experience. Respectful, trusting relationships enhance learning as teachers provide meaningful attention to each student. Our preschool classes range have a 1:10 ratio of teacher to students to ensure an individualized focus.



Avg Class Size

Inclusive of All Faiths

We welcome students and teachers of all backgrounds and beliefs. Students assemble for chapel once a week. The lessons are given as age-appropriate messages and stories. We teach ecumenical Christian values and spirituality without proselytizing and with respect for the wide religious diversity within our school community. This has earned the respect, support, and participation of families and students from Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, and other traditions/beliefs.


1/3 – Come for the rooted Christian values
1/3 – Appreciate that the school provides moral teaching
1/3 – Come for the academic rigor or other hallmark  

Comprehensive Programs

Beyond providing ongoing assessments of student’s learning and development, we provide both music and Spanish specialists. There are extended year and enrichment options, which allow for both continuous learning and socialization with other students.

Offers Full Day and Extended Day Preschool care from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.




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