Who We Are


The Mission of The Franklin Academy is to provide education integrating STEM, rigor, and leadership while developing character based on timeless values in a close-knit community.

Core Commitments

I Will Care

Care for yourself and build your personal strength. In that strength, extend yourself to be generous with your time and your spirit. Care for and respect others. Open your heart to their needs; those who are close at hand and those who are a world away. Care for the world we have been given. Aspire to quality in all you do. Act – meet needs you have not yet discovered. Lead, always, with compassion and integrity.

I Will Engage

Embrace life with its joys and frustrations. Connect with family, friends, classmates, colleagues, and people around the world. Tackle problems and challenges – intellectual, practical, spiritual, and social. Discipline yourself, knowing that accomplishment and academic rigor require resilience and persistence. Act upon your convictions with courage and with kindness. Embrace leadership opportunities of all kinds.

I Will Create

Find your creative spark and nurture its flame. Keep an open mind; open to insight and inspiration. When others say “it can’t be done,” persevere and prove them wrong. Do what brings you joy. Build things: machines, ideas, songs, theorems, poems, friendships, teams, and communities. Discover what is fun and funny and intriguing and joyful in ways that strengthen, rather than diminish, those around you.

I Will Reflect

Consider the meaning of life, what you believe, and your place in the world and in existence. Learn about your own mind, spirituality, and personality and how to get the best from yourself. Learn about others – what they value and what you can appreciate. Talk less, listen more. Question what you hear and read. Embrace the beauty of art, of science, of mathematics, of ideas, of true friendship, and of our world. Learn about history, that we may raise ourselves. Extend your awareness. Strive for knowledge moderated by wisdom.