We are excited to announce that the Franklin Academy has added a Makerspace. Middle School 7-8th grade students will have this as a course, including a culminating project (more information to come)! Our K-6 students can access this space in grades 5-8 in electives offered or K-4 with their classroom teacher. 

What is a Makerspace?

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A makerspace is a place where you can make things. It’s a place for hands-on learning with all the tools for creativity. Every school’s makerspace is different, but you might find a woodshop, 3D printing, audio-visual equipment, and hand tools.

One of the major goals of a makerspace is to provide students with the tools and environment to collaborate. Don’t be surprised to see students from different programs and grade levels working together in a makerspace.

To learn more visit: https://usnewsglobaleducation.com/all-advice/what-is-a-makerspace/