New Library Space at Lower School

  • Uncategorized   "The new library space is such a cozy and inviting place. Thank you to the many volunteers who helped with the move. It was definitely a labor of love! During library classes, it is so

Fifth Grade at Camp Lutherwood

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Fifth grade students enjoyed three days of outdoor learning, adventures, exploration, and fun. They traveled to Camp Lutherwood off of Lake Samish for their hands on educational experience. The student received a trail guide which explained the

Knights’ Days

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Knights' Days, St. Paul's school wide celebration with inside and outside events, were on Thursday, September 23rd and Friday, September 24th. This is another opportunity for students to bond through their House League along with other members of

The Upfront Improv at SPA Talks

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On Friday, September 18th from 2:20 to 3 p.m. performers from The Upfront presented improv tenants of "Yes and," and its usefulness in performance and everyday life, at St. Paul's Academy's fourth SPA TALKS. They came to St. Paul's Academy and

First Days of School

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St. Paul’s Academy – Little Epistles Preschool Director Anna Johnson made the comment during the first days of school, “It has been an exciting beginning to the school year at Little Epistles.  Our students are learning how to separate from

High School Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute

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During the summer of 2015 there were three St. Paul’s Academy student standouts, Autumn E., Anastasia B. and Bassam B., who took initiative to participate in Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute high school programs. They collectively attended the

The Institute for Social and Emotional Learning

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This summer, we had trainers from The Institute for Social and Emotional Learning teaching our teachers from preschool through high school on how to share these concepts with students. Thankfully, we were able to use Camp Saturna Environmental