• Navy fleece jacket or vest (logo required)
  • Navy sweatshirt (crew neck or hooded, logo required)
  • Navy or white polo shirts, long or short sleeve (logo required)
  • White blouses with collars and boys’ dress shirts (no logo required)
  • Navy or green cardigan (logo required)
  • Khaki skorts or skirts (with bike shorts underneath)
  • Khaki pants/shorts (not cargo type)
  • Girls may wear a plaid jumper or skirt (with bike shorts underneath)
 Shoes, Socks and Accessories
  • Everyday shoes, including athletic shoes or sneakers, must be moderate in appearance and in decent repair – without rollers, flashing lights, bright stripes, neon-colored, open toes or heels. Sandals, flip-flops and Crocs are specifically prohibited for reasons of safety, appearance, and unsuitability for PE and recess. Dark boots may be worn. Rubber sole shoes are preferred as they leave the fewest marks.
  • Girls may wear white or navy tights, leggings or knee socks.
  • Belts should be brown or black.
  • Girls may wear headbands or other hair adornments.
 Field Trips
  • School uniforms only unless otherwise instructed by teacher. Please wear more formal shoes when possible and appropriate for the destination (theater, museum, etc.). Outdoor oriented field trips may call for outdoor-type footwear.
 P.E. (4th Grade only)
  • Solid colored navy shorts or sweat pants and St. Paul’s school logo P.E. T-shirt. Shorts may have a white stripe.
 Free Dress
  • Clothes must be tasteful, clean and non-distracting. No hats, sunglasses, costumes or inappropriate garments (as determined by school personnel).
  • Sandals, flip-flops and Crocs are specifically prohibited for reasons of safety, appearance and unsuitability for recess.
 Labeling Your Clothes
  • It is extremely important to label all clothing. Items not labeled will be stored in our lost and found for a limited time and then offered in our used uniform sale.