Almost every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. this past summer, St. Paul’s Academy rising middle school students had the opportunity to work on their mathematical skills in a special “Summer Math” program offered to students at no charge. Thirty-two students participated, with the average attendance about fourteen each week. Students worked on school computers, with a white board for their calculations. Specific programs were designed for each student, geared to their goals for the summer. Students were able to get questions answered and were rewarded for each section completed. Every student made progress and positioned themselves to begin the new school year with more solid Math skills. Gym time became available every hour on the hour to keep the student’s energy level up. Some kids were able to move up a grade level and some completed 80% of math High School credit, which they are able to complete during the school year. This program was even available to students that were recently enrolled and transiting to our school, too. All the students that came in the summer had fun learning math and improving their skills.



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