Knights’ Days, St. Paul’s school wide celebration with inside and outside events, were on Thursday, September 23rd and Friday, September 24th. This is another opportunity for students to bond through their House League along with other members of their school community. House assignments begin in Kindergarten and last until graduation, providing students with another sense of identity, acceptance, and belonging. All new students are assigned a house upon joining our school. Each house has a mascot, color, and cheer.
At St. Paul’s our house families are a mix of students from grade K-12 separated into four groups (aka houses). Each house honors a family that is important to St. Paul’s. We have Hess, Ferlin, Kaiser, and Ershig.
Throughout the year our “houses” will come together to bond as a group, meet friends outside of their class, and participate in activities that embody our core commitments.
The middle school students joined the high school students at Camp Saturna Environmental Education Center (Saturna Environmental Corporation © 2015) on Silver Lake on Thursday. Our high school students helped facilitate this effort along with advisors, as the houses bonded through experiences of canoeing, making house t-shirts, scavenger hunting, and creating a skit. The lower school joined the middle school for one part of the programming on Friday to learn their house cheer and participate in some activities and observe skits the middle school created.

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