On Friday, September 18th from 2:20 to 3 p.m. performers from The Upfront presented improv tenants of “Yes and,” and its usefulness in performance and everyday life, at St. Paul’s Academy’s fourth SPA TALKS. They came to St. Paul’s Academy and presented in the Markell Hall multipurpose gym.

Through this interactive performance they showcased the school’s Core Commitment of CREATE. Topics included the following: collaboration, creativity, building confidence, supporting others to achieve common goals, and celebrating failure. They showed students that accepting ideas, adding to them, and making each other look good allows for ideas to flourish in an open environment.

Riley M. a St. Paul’s Academy 7th Grader said, “They were super positive and creative! They had really good lessons and a fun way of getting us to work together. They were super funny and bold.” In a creative presentation they gave an insightful glimpse into what improve is all about and how it can be applicable to life or the stage! Mandy Holden, St. Paul’s Academy 4th grade teacher said, “The one word at a time story creation exercise was a relatively simple way to immerse students in an activity that teaches the difference between hearing and listening. I loved the engagement in the gym today!” It was an engaging and fun filled experience for the students and audience members.

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