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House League Off The Ground With Excitement

Trish Neary September 16, 2019

If you’re new to our school community, you may be wondering what does House League mean? Or what is the League Cup all about for students? At The Franklin Academy, our Kindergarten through 8th Grade students are placed in one of four groups (aka houses). Perhaps a bit like Harry Potter, each house has its own distinctions.  Each house has a mascot, color, and often, a cheer. House assignments begin in Kindergarten and last until 8th Grade graduation, providing students with another sense of long term identity, school pride, acceptance, and belonging. Thankfully, siblings are always in the same house to promote family unity, and new students instantly have a house family assignment. The options for a house are the following: Hess (Lions, yellow), Ferlin (Sharks, purple), Kaiser (Eagles, green), and Ershig (Cougars, red). All our houses honor a family important to our school.

Throughout the year, our houses will come together to bond as a group, meet friends in mixed grades, and participate in activities that embody our Core Commitments: Engage, Reflect, Create, and Care. The goal is the house with the most points receives the “League Cup.” Last year it was the Ershig Cougars that had their name engraved on a trophy.

On Wednesday, September 11th, our 1st – 8th Grade students came to school dressed in their house colors and gathered for their first assembly House League competition at the end of the day. There were tons of cheering and pride demonstrated already, and several houses had 100% participation for their house color. House competitions happen monthly and points are earned based on winning placement.


We are looking forward to theme dress-up days, community service projects, and the Middle School upcoming house trip to Camp Saturna. On Septemeber 25th the students will bus up to Camp Saturna (Silver Lake) for Spirit Day.  The students enjoy archery, rock wall climbing, and preparing for a SKIT to present at Camp Saturna (the skits are based on the life events of Benjamin Franklin).

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