The Franklin Academy is hosting a community opportunity to experience a SKY DOME PLANETARIUM in early January.

You’ll enter the dome to view stars, identify every planet in our solar system, and be introduced to Greek mythological characters.

Navigators from Mobile Ed Productions, Inc. will use the digital planetarium projector and a laser pointer to guide students and families through the stars of the Northern Hemisphere exactly as they appear on the day of the presentation. The audience will learn how the heroes of the past can be found in the stars and learn how to identify every planet in our solar system through dramatic “flights” towards each world.

Date: Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Location: The Franklin Academy (1509 E. Victor Street, Markell Hall)

Price: $10 for non-Franklin families (FREE for The Franklin Academy families as long as they email Admission Director Natalie Bennett by Friday, January 3rd to hold a spot)

Tickets: (Online only for non-Franklin families)

*Tickets for the 5:30 p.m. program (open to the pubic) are sold online ONLY and will not be sold at the door.

**A family ticket is valid for up to 4 people. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Any Questions? Please contact Natalie Bennett, Admission Director () | (360)733-1750 ext. 1509