In the spirit of the holidays and winter season, third-graders created a new bulletin board that is now on display.

On Monday, as a way to further students’ understanding of our school’s Core Commitments (Engage, Reflect, Create, Care), both classes came together to talk about acts of kindness that could be shown in school. Thinking of ideas within the walls of Franklin was a bit challenging — in a good and productive way, of course! Consider talking more with your child about acts of kindness that can be done outside of school. Each day until December/Winter/Christmas Break, an act of kindness will be revealed by the “opening” of a present. Attached is a teaser picture to draw you in to come see it live and in person!

We engaged by sharing ideas. We demonstrated caring by thinking of others — a connection to empathy. We reflected on the meaning of kindness and being kind and not to expect something in return, accept a good feeling in our hearts. We created a piece of art to be shared with the Lower School so others can find more ways to be kind in school

In peace and kindness,

Team Third (Mr. Schultz & Mrs. Misday)