The Middle School first sports season officially ended on Monday, Oct 22nd and we had our seasonal sports assembly on Friday, Oct 26th.  We would like to thank everyone who attended the sports assembly. We would also like to thank our board and administration for making the sports program possible. Without the support of the board and the administration, this program would not be offered. It takes a a lot of time and money to make this happen; and it is so worth it. We would also like to thank the parents for supporting their children’s pursuit of athletics as well as all the driving to all the meets and matches. 


A big thank you to our six wonderful coaches and assistant coaches for all their hard work and dedication to our students. Finally, a big YAHOO to all of our athletes who participated in season one. We had fifteen tennis athletes and six cross country athletes finish the season.

In Tennis we had three athletes who were given a Core Commitment Award: 

Core Commitment Care Award – Olivia S. (Demonstrated a commitment to sportsmanship – caring for teammates, competitors, and the sport overall).

Core Commitment Reflective Award – Bjorn H. (Throughout the season has consistently improved his game through the power of self-reflection).

Core Commitment Engage Award – Christian L. (Throughout the season maintained a high level of engagement  in all practices and games).

In Cross Country, we had two athletes who received Core Commitment Awards:

 Over All Core Commitment Award – Rayyan S. (This award recipient excelled in the sport by demonstrating excellence within the four core commitments: Engage-Care-Reflect-Create throughout the season).

Core Commitment Create Award – Jack E. (Throughout the season has shown continued ability to create solutions or his own racing, which in turn helped better the team, too).

Middle School Tennis (Sept. 5 – Oct 22nd)

Head Coach: Drew Devoe

Assistant Coaches: Emily and Valery

Final Word for the Season by Coach Drew:

Tennis this year has been a lot of fun. Through the first several weeks of practice these players has learn to no only improve their tennis game, but have become overall better teammates. Every single match we have played, we have gotten better and I think that speak volume to the type of kids we have on this tennis team. The one attribute I think best describes this group of athletes is funny. There was never a day of practice where one player wouldn’t be grinning ear-to-ear because of a joke or action. I believe that’s what overall has help this team become better tennis players, teammates, and people, because of their enjoyment to be around one another! | Drew Devoe

Middle School Cross Country Season (Sept. 5 – Oct. 22nd)

Head Coach: Marc Whitlock

Assistant Coach: Natalie Bennett

Ice Cream Invite Meet: Running in the final Cross Country meet of the season on a Monday could have been a tall order for our team, but as has been the character of our team this year they performed near their best on their most challenging race venue. Jack E. was only one second off his season best on the tough three lap hilly course to keep an undefeated season. Evan M. bettered last year by placing 51st in the field of 95 competitors with a time of 11:17. The girls also stepped up with Emily B. recording her second best time of the season despite the hills placing 11th overall in 10:47. Lizzie F. pushed out early and fought unsuccessfully to hold her place but rallied with a strong kick to place 44th out of the 90 runners. Both Rayyann S. and Sara C. ran their second fastest times, also, over the 1.5 mile distance holding their places in the field. We felt there was no let down or quit in their efforts all season and represented Franklin Academy well. | Marc, Natalie, and Nicole