St. Paul’s Academy thanks you!

As we celebrate the end of another successful school year, we want to say thank you for your support. Because of YOU, our generous families, grandparents, staff members, and friends, we are just $50,000 away from our year-end fundraising goal. Amazing! Our community participation rate is usually around 30% but this year, thanks to you, our community-wide participation rate is 43% AND we had over 50 new donors to the Annual Fund. Thank you to everyone who gave, whether for the first time or the tenth time, and shared the St. Paul’s Academy mission with family members and friends. Your help makes a difference!

Why give? Tuition covers many expenses but doesn’t cover 100% of the budget every year. Your donations help close the gap. Let’s show our major donors and sponsors that we all understand the need for strong financial support for our students, teachers, and staff.

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The Knights Unite! Spring Campaign & Contest

Congratulations to Kaiser House and the St. Paul’a Academy Preschool teachers. Their groups met our 100% participation goal for our Spring Campaign contest.


There’s still time to make a difference!

Our fiscal year ends on July 31st, so there’s still time to make your gift to get us over our goal for the year.

How YOU can help: 

  • Donate to the Annual Fund by July 31st
  • Or fill out an Annual Fund donation form (available at every school office)and turn in with your donation


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already donated to the Auction and/or PALS this year. Isn’t that enough?
A: Thank you for your support! One goal of the Annual Fund is to measure the amount of engagement our members invest in our community. When we can show high participation in the Annual Fund, we may be able to qualify for additional funding or grants.We hope every family will want to give what you can for every project or need in whatever way you can.

Q: Why doesn’t tuition cover 100% of the school’s operating expenses?
A: There are multiple answers to this question:

  • Quality education is expensive.  We don’t receive funding from the government like public schools or subsidies from a religious institution like many private schools.
  •  Tuition is kept artificially low so that more local students can afford to attend SPA.
  • The school works year-round to fill the gap between tuition and costs. The annual Auction & Gala in January raises about one-third to one-half of what we need each year. We’re fortunate to have major donors who step in to help to fill the remaining gap when our annual fund comes up short. They give generously and we hope they will continue, but it’s not a healthy business model for our school.
  • We need to work toward becoming self-sufficient by building our sources of funding. One of the most critical keys to our future is a strong Annual Fund donation drive.  Once we’re self-sufficient, imagine all of the wonderful ways we can enhance our school with additional donations from major benefactors!
  • Donations may be tax-deductible while tuition is not. This is a way we can help our families make the St. Paul’s Academy experience more affordable.

Q: I can only give a modest amount. Does my small donation really make a difference?
A: Yes! Every gift counts toward our goal for 100% participation. We still have a steep goal to meet and greatly appreciate larger gifts from those who can give more. Please consider how your family can help this year. If every family gives $100 this month, we would raise $25,000. If every family could pledge to give $50/month through July, we could raise over $50,000. If every family gives $500, we would exceed our goal of $125,000.

Q: Do gifts from family or friends count toward my child’s class goal?
A: Yes! Just be sure they mention who they are related to / donating for. Please spread the word and help fund the wonderful programs your student enjoys at St. Paul’s Academy.

Q: How can I donate?
A: There are many ways to donate. You can easily make a one-time donation or set up a monthly pledge through our new Annual Fund donation page. You can also fill out the Annual Fund form & turn in to the office with your check or cash donation.

Thank you in advance for your support.  Please spread the word!

Our Generous Annual Fund Donors 2017-2018
Updated 6/29/18

Tim & Shama Alexander
Adora Agustin
Brody Agustin
Amazon Smile
Wayne & Dina Berry
Sarah Brand
Peter & Delia Brands
Nneka & Deran Browne
Salim & Nadia Boulos
Blaise & Gretchen Bucsko
Lisa Burgess
Helen Burkat
Jacqueline Burkat
Kathryn & LaurenceCambron
Terry & Jane Carten
Martin & Heather Carter
Jason & Brandi Coplen
Kara Crotty & Tony Pellecchia
Kasey Cykler
Tom & Sunantha Day
Olivia Dizon
The Dolar Family
Alan & Kirstin Doud
Charlie & Charlene Dunn
Kevin & Joyce Eschliman
Sue Erickson
John & Mimi Ferlin
Ryan Ferris & Carol Lucero
James & Julie Fife
Neil & Cheryle Figgess
Robin Foote
Rosemarie Francis
Friends of SPA
The Galeas Family
Josh & Shelby Giltner
Tung M. Ha & Kerri Fitzgerald
Jeff & Jacque Hebebrand
Loren Henry
Susan Hess
Jamie & Tina Hippner
Debbie Ho
Jeremy & Michelle Hughes
Robin & Vicki Hunt
Tia Hutton
Robin Jentz
Anna Johnson
Mark & Denise Jordan
Nick & Deborah Kaiser
Grandmother of Hank Juhnke
Jeff Kahn
Katie Lafaurie
Land’s End School Rewards
Rachel Lee
Chris Leon & Karen Enriquez
Randall Lewis & Shelley Owen
Michael & Lisa Lish
Rex Liu & Sheila Chen
Danny & Kim Lockwood
Piotr & Christine Lyzwinski
Hugh & Linda Maffett
Peter & Stephanie Manning
Markell Charitable Trust
Michael Maudlin & Scarlet Tang
Pam McAllister
Mike & S’rae McCaslin
Matt & Denise McCoy
Linnea McDonnell
Jose Mesa & Lis Roca
Tanya Miller
Fernando Napoles & Ana Ortega
Susan & Randy Nesmith
Juan & Erin Ocegueda
Tim & Joanne O’Connor
Bill & Lin O’Connor
Leighton & Barbara Overson
Peter & Jennifer Pfeiffer
Sinak Pickerell
Dawn Regier
Zanae J Rodrigo & Michael O Hale
The Rodriguez Family
Paul & Stephanie Sadler
Saturna Capital
Valentino & Rachel Scott
Matt & Kris Siemion
Natalie Smith
Karl & Jennifer Snyder
Christian Sullivan
Surachai Teacha-Akarakasem & Thanisara Tantraporn
Giang & Anh Van Truong
Evans & Star Vagelaras
Delicia & Shaun Van Harmelen
Robert & Cara Victor
Hector & Kristina Wald
Jason & Liz Walker
Darin & Theresa Wines
Denise Wolff