Scott Petersen, The Reptile Man, is coming to St. Paul’s Academy (Markell Hall, 1509 East Victor Street, Bellingham, WA) on Friday, February 2nd.

As a Zoologist and educator, he has been featured nationally on Disney’s Bill Nye the Science Guy and on PBS’ Biz Kids. He has appeared on Northwest Afternoon, Evening Magazine, and NPR Radio. Many corporations such as Microsoft, Boeing, and Nintendo have used Scott to educate and entertain.

He will be performing at a K-8 school-wide assembly in the afternoon and coming back in the evening to share more reptiles and engage families (showcasing 12 live reptiles in a 40-minute show that teaches the importance of all animals in nature). The cost is $1 per person. Together with friends, you can view the following reptiles: a King Cobra*, an Alligator Snapping Turtle, a Black Mamba*, an Albino Python, an American Alligator, and a Large Diamondback Rattlesnake. *All poisonous snakes are surgically devenomized.

Scott has been voted the #1 School Assembly Performance in the Pacific Northwest, so we are pleased to host an evening event for our families and local community to join.

Date: Friday, February 2nd

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: St. Paul’s Academy (1509 E. Victor Street, Markell Hall)

Cost: $1 per person + Open to the Public (so bring your friends)

If you have questions, please contact Admission Director Natalie Smith via or at (360) 733-1750 ext. 1509.