When businesses predict skills needed for the 21st century workforce, creativity is always on the list. Knowing how to think outside the box to conceive new ideas or products is an essential skill in today’s society.

This year, one way we are developing our students’ creative force is by offering art to our list of speciality classes available to the Lower School students.
Art happens at least once a week for every student in grades K-12.

Ms. Butenschoen (our art teacher) has the students stretch their minds by offering a variety of mediums for them to work with. She not only helps them create unique works of art, but also incorporates art history and introduces them to famous works of art.

Art not only expands creativity and lets students see the world from a new perspective, but it also helps finely tune their visual-spatial and motor skills. Over all, art is not just beneficial for our students, but it is also transforming our space into one full of color, contrast, and of course, creativity!

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