This Friday there is no school for students. For some of you, it may be interesting to read about what the teachers are up to when our students are absent. Our school is part of a network of other independent schools in the Northwest. My previous school in Anchorage was also part of this network (it is how I found out St. Paul’s needed a Lower School Director).

The network is called NWAIS (Northwest Association of Independent Schools). Once a year NWAIS holds a Fall Educator’s conference where hundreds of teachers from schools just like St. Paul’s come together to learn ways to enhance their teaching. It is always held at one of the independent schools in our network and this year it is at Lakeside in Seattle. The theme of this year’s conference is “Transformative Moments: the Journey to Inclusive, Welcoming Schools.”

Just as we encourage our students to never stop learning, we also need days for teachers to broaden their own education. I hope that an energized teacher with a pocket full of new ideas will greet you and your child on Monday!

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