Dad’s Breakfast has been a tradition that our beloved teacher, Debbie Ho, has directed at our school for well over 20 years. As a result, it has become one of our families’ hallmark preschool experiences to join.


On the morning of Wednesday, March 4th Dads from our 2.5 and 3-year-old programs started putting on their child-made tie of bright construction paper and large stickers. Next, our visitors posed under a picture of the Welcome Dads Sign.




As everyone arrived they were encouraged to circle up on a rug together for engaging activities. All the visitors were able to learn what their child does, but doing the activities themselves. Dads watched their children share how many days there are in a week, reviewed the sounds of the letter R (the classes’ current letter for the week), everyone counted by moving their bodies, counted the monkey’s in a tree, got up and moved, and enjoyed a read-a-loud story about Dads.

Did you know that our youngest students in preschool can count to ten in both English and Spanish, and some can even count to 20? Lastly, our team of teachers encouraged our Dads to rock dance moves, and sing along with their kids.

They ended their quality time together by eating pancakes and mingling with other Dads, grandparents, and special guests. Before heading back to work or home, our Dads looked for their uniquely made “A Story About My Dad.”

There were clever student observations with phrases like, “My Dad likes to cook bacon, and his favorite exercise is sweating.” These stories are coupled with the illustration of their Dad and are truly adorable to see.

Lastly, Mrs. Snyder helped our students sing a fun song of appreciation to their Dads. Shared time and learning is a gift. We are thrilled that we can foster a child, parent, and teacher relationship at our school. We are beyond thankful for transformational teachers like Mrs. Mellos, Mrs. Killian, and Mrs. Ho (and our specialist, too).