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John Mulhern

Administrator October 17, 2019

John Mulhern (1st Vice President, Executive Committee) joined The Frankin Academy Board of Trustees as the parent representative in 2017, serving in that capacity for two years.  He has been an instrumental part of many facilities upgrades and vital construction projects at all campuses.

He was born and raised in Whatcom County and is an alumnus of the Franklin Academy preschool, formerly Little Epistles Preschool.  He attended Central Washington University, graduating with degrees in; Law and Justice, Sociology, and Psychology. After college, John began working for Whatcom County Public Works and is currently working on the Lummi Island Ferry.  For over 25 years he has been a volunteer firefighter with the Lummi Island Fire Dept. and has the rank of Captain. He and wife Tracey, have a daughter in the middle school.


One of his favorite sayings is, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” ~ Ronald Reagan