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Week One, School Community Doing a Great Job

Natalie Bennett March 20, 2020

During this uncertain time, Frankin Academy has successfully managed to provide resources and set up remote learning for families on their first week of quarantine. Our administrative leaders and teachers have done incredible work in organizing the process, preparing lessons, and delivering them in a variety of ways. And our families have been wonderfully supportive partners in the process despite the disruption to their lives. Thank you to all!

Here’s a candid look at some Franklin Academy students in their “new” classrooms:

The Overson family started their routine early with brainstorming ideas together (they use lists a lot in their house). The first day they kept part of the day for learning, added some quiet playtime, enjoyed collecting shells, and supporting each other. Mom, Barbara, of a 6th Grader, a 4th Grader, and Kindergarten student shared, “Our oldest, Adelle, might be inspired to become a teacher through all of this. I am so grateful to Cora’s Kindergarten teacher for having packets for every week, too!”

The Samuel household charmingly makes reference to their new learning environment as “Slipper School.” Check out the volcano eruptions they completed for as a fun hands on science activity! They have been doing violin lessons through FaceTime and connecting often back with their teachers.

Rose with her mom, Mychel, were all set to trap a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day! Thanks to Mrs. L, Rose remembered what her 2nd Grade class did last year and decided to do it at home.

The Melius family spent the morning making leprechaun traps, tackling some school work, then threw some delicious corned beef and cabbage in the slow cooker for dinner. It’s so helpful to find quality family time around the dinner table!

The Gulleson family has been doing lots of creative things while they’re at home. For a glimpse, check out Lucy’s fuse bead creations, a red panda, her favorite animal.

A daily dose of nature walking to get some fresh air for the Boulos family has helped to keep spirits content.

Did you know?

Even if our collective community is separated from a distance, the leadership and teachers have sents a tone of support. With resources and communication distributed as early as Monday, our families can keep students engaged with the adventure of learning.

For every week that the school is out of session:

  • Preschool-4th grade teachers are sending emails with links to assignments to our parents.
  • Our wonderful Associate Head of School Katie den Hartog is sending 5-8th families a document that lists activities, assignments, and readings that students can do for the week. Many Middle School teachers will be utilizing Google Classroom as a way to communicate and give feedback on the learning that students are doing, too.

Teachers are providing website references to their curriculum and encouraging supplemental free services like Brainpop, ABC mouse, scholastic, etc.

Be safe. Be healthy. Take care of yourself and your family! 

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