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Dusty Gulleson

eResources Author October 17, 2019

Dusty Gulleson (President, Executive Committee) joined the board in 2018 and currently serves the school as School Board President. He and his wife Rachel have three children (8th, 5th, and 2nd grade) who all attend The Franklin Academy.  His wife, Rachel, is heavily involved in school activities and serving as a part-time librarian for the school.

Dusty serves as founder and CEO of eResources which includes four companies (,,, and  For over twenty years he has helped Higher Education, Fortune 50, and multi-national Associations with large digital transformations and strategic technology growth.  With offices in Florida, DC and overseas in Indonesia, the travel schedule can get quite busy.

Dusty is an alumnus of George Mason University and graduate of Jakarta International School in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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