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Spring Chapel Service Guild Projects

admin May 15, 2019

Each year the Chapel Service Guild kicks off the spring season with the Palm Sunday Chapel.  Chaplain Matt does a great job creating a festive atmosphere to show the students what it would’ve been like on the day of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  When the students file into chapel, they are greeted with palm-waving parents and Kool and the Gang’s “Celebrate” blasting overhead.  It’s a long-standing tradition for the Chapel Service Guild (CSG) volunteers to fold palm crosses to pass out to each student after chapel. Chaplain Matt saves any leftover crosses to be used the following year for an Ash Wednesday service with the Middle Schoolers.

In April, the 7th graders created 30 sack lunches to be donated to the Salvation Army.  Each lunch included a sandwich, apple, chips, granola bar, cookie, and a juice box.  The students did a great job of making sandwiches and ensuring each lunch was complete.  After assembling the lunches, we walked down the street to the Salvation Army, where we went on a tour of their food bank and learned about the many services they provide.


Besides the food items, each lunch also included an inspirational “prayer card.”  The students above are adding a personal message to each card.

The CSG calls our community service activities “Love Thy Neighbor” projects, and the May Day project is one where we take that quite literally.  Each third grader created a small bouquet, and then the class took a quick walk around the school neighborhood where students could each leave their bouquet on a neighbor’s porch.


The 2nd Grade got to try a new project this year.  They were originally scheduled to make Valentine’s Card with the Woodway Inn residents, but due to snowy weather, we had to reschedule.  Mrs. Snyder graciously agreed to lead the students in a short choir performance for the residents this spring.  Songs included old standards like Yankee Doodle, lots of motion songs, and the students even got to display their talents on the xylophone.  Special thanks to Mrs. Snyder for all her extra work!
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