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Knights’ Day at Camp Saturna

Administrator October 5, 2018

On Friday, October 5th, our students dressed up in their house colors, took a bus away from campus and enjoy a day at camp at Camp Saturna. The Knights’ Day is a chance for our students in middle school to share experiences and connect with their house. Basically, this as a day full of bonding for our 5th-8th Grade students at Camp Saturna (on Silver Lake), which includes skits and challenges.

A little bit of a background for you… students are divided into four houses (Hess, Ershig, Ferlin, and Kaiser) and they compete throughout the year in activities, spirit days, contests, castle collections, etc., as they compete for the title of House Champion and earn House Cup and this year’s new addition, the Spirit Stick.

Our students enjoyed Camp Saturna from for the full day, they did the following activities: climbing wall, low ropes course, archery, and sharing created skits.

The week prior the Lower School students meet and completed activities at the Lower School to become aware and connected to their houses. House assignments begin in Kindergarten and last until 8th-grade graduation, providing students with another sense of identity, acceptance, and belonging. All new students are assigned a house upon joining our school. Each house has a mascot, color, and often, its own cheer. Siblings are always in the same house to promote family unity and teamwork.

There are more pictures on our Franklin Academy Facebook Page, too.