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Bradley James Lockhart, the well-known Designer, and Artist of the Beloved Bellingham Flag to Talk with Students

Natalie Bennett January 25, 2019

The Franklin Academy is proud to announce that Bradley James Lockhart, the well-known designer, and artist of the beloved Bellingham Flag, will be coming to give a talk at Franklin Academy to 3rd – 8th Grade students on Friday, April 26th from 2:30 – 3 p.m. The event is open to the public. The school has been hosting this event for several years with featured local speakers ranging from Holocaust survivor and award-winning lecturer, Noemi Ban, to violinist and inspirational speaker Swil Kanim.

“Lockhart came and met our 3rd Grade class two years ago and showed us amazing animation videos he created, so I am excited to see what new cartoons he shares at the upcoming event,” said Fiona H., Franklin Academy 5th Grader.

The Franklin Talk (A Platform Where Ideas and Inspiration are Shared) format allows students to be inspired by speakers as they share about how they have applied the following Core Commitments to their lives: Engage, Reflect, Create, and Care. If you want to learn about the Bellingham Flag, cartoon, logo or rock n’ roll secrets, don’t miss it! This event is open to community members, neighbors, design students, creatives, and those interested in how the symbolic green and blue Bellingham flag became a symbol for our community.

More about the speaker: Bradley James Lockhart is a graphic artist, musician, and animator from Whatcom County. He is a graduate of Whatcom Community College and Western Washington University with degrees in both visual art and digital design.

In 2015, Lockhart had the opportunity to design a flag for Bellingham as part of an unofficial contest. As his work went public, the popularity of his flag design grew and grew across the community until the Bellingham City Council officially adopted it in April of 2017. Brad works under the name Lariat Creative, and his unique style blends meaningful imagery and iconic design, which can be seen in his many logos, illustrations, posters, flag designs, and animation projects within his creative portfolio.

Lockhart’s award-winning work has been featured by Brand New, Evening Magazine & The Seattle Times. Also, he’s recognized by What’s Up magazine with a Lifetime Achievement Award and cited with a Top 7 Under 40 Award from the Bellingham Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Through his animation, Brad has created an opportunity to integrate his musical talents while working for media companies and independent artists, authors, and filmmakers.

Contact Admission Director Natalie Bennett directly at nbennett@thefranklin.academyfor more information.

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