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Franklin Directory

The faculty and staff at Franklin Academy are committed to providing each child with a quality academic experience. Our teachers are certified through the State of Washington and many hold advanced degrees. On average, teachers at Franklin Academy have seven to fifteen years of classroom experience. We continue to attract and recruit high-quality educators.


Bennett, Natalie Admissions Director (Preschool – 8th Grade) 109 MH
Black, Heather Development Consultant 116 MH
Brocato, Casey Director of Operations 111 MH
Bucsko, Gretchen Head of School/Preschool Director 117 MH/ 102 RH
Crockett, Sue Ann Administrative Assistant (Markell Hall) 105 MH
den Hartog, Katie Associate Head of School (2nd – 8th Grade) 310 MH
Hubbell, Teresa School Nurse 108 MH
Lee, Rachel Administrative Assistant (Robin Hall) 101 RH
Regier, Dawn Administrative Assistant (Markell Hall) 105 MH / 113MH
Reid, Bruce Network Administrator B22 MH
Walters, Aaron Chaplain 213 MH
Wines, Theresa Registrar/Media Specialist 107 MH

PS-Grade 1

Atkins, Katie Physical Education Specialist 125
Brewin, Marie 1st Grade 120
Dizon, Olivia Kindergarten 105
Eslick, Alyssa Preschool 111/112
Guglielmo, Denise Preschool 109/110
Ho, Debbie Preschool 116
Jorgensen, Danielle 1st Grade 121
Killian, Naomi Preschool 111/112
Mellos, Alejandra Preschool 113
Odushkin, Vladimir Sr. Custodian
Owen, Shelley Preschool 108
Pickerill, Sinak Preschool 107
Richcreek, Amber Art Specialist 117
Smith, Lesley Spanish Specialist 106
Snyder, Jennifer Music / Librarian Specialist / Band (Middle School) 119
Yorks, Suzanne Kindergarten 104

Grade 2-8

Garcia-Berguecio, Rodrigo Custodian B24
Gulleson, Rachael Librarian 203
Hedahl, Janice Science/Math (Middle School) B19 / 339
Hedahl, Ole Math/Coding (Middle School) 334
Jeffrey, Kristen Humanities (Middle School) 333
Lugo, Maria Spanish Speciliast /Middle School Advisor 335
Lyzwinski, Christine 2nd Grade 236
McDonnell, Linnea 5th Grade/Economics/ Middle School Advisor 342
Miller, Tanya Science/Design Thinking/ Middle School Advisor B15
Misday, Barbara 4th Grade 223
Neary, Trish Physical Education Specialist /Athletic Director B46
Samuel, Treasure Librarian Specialist 203
Schmidt, Grace 2nd Grade 234
Schultz, Donald 3rd Grade 221
Simpson, Rachel Art Specialist 141
Smith, Lesley Spanish Specialist 337
Stokes, Karalee 4th Grade 226

Instructional Assistant

Caldwell, Allison Instructional Assistant
Camaya, Sophia Instructional Assistant
Schumacher, Emma Instructional Assistant
Thetford, Tami Instructional Assistant
Franklin Academy is proud to hold accreditations from: