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Fantastic Start to School

Gretchen Bucsko September 6, 2019

We are having a fantastic start to the school year! I am so proud to be the Head of School at The Franklin Academy. It is so wonderful to have our students back in their classrooms again. I love walking around and seeing their enthusiasm for learning.

Here are a few of the quotes I heard this week:

” I like school ’cause I get to learn. I like the lockers that we got.” – Lincoln (1st grade)

“I like the playground”- Huner (Kindergartener)

“I like playing with kids”- Nova (2.5 year old program)

“I like….just everything!”- Nora (Early Kindergarten program)

“The first day was the best. We got to know each other and share memories. It was the perfect day.”-Sophie (2nd grade)

“I like being with my friends.”- Brynn (4th grade)

“I like Spanish and PE. We got to play Sprout ball!”-Bella (7th grade)

“We like math and coding. The teachers are really nice.”-Will and Brice (6th grade)

One more heard from a middle school student…”REAL Homework!!! FINALLY! Yes!”


Picture of students playing in the kitchen in Mrs. Pickerill’s Early Kindergarten class.
Students in Frist Grade listening to Mrs. Atkins give Physical Education instructions.
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