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Benefits of Our Kindergarten

admin April 26, 2020

Our experienced Kindergarten teachers personally know the needs of each student, because we diliberately hold our classs isze to a maximum of 14 students in each class. Your child will be encouraged as an individual: socially, emotionally, and academically. This will be a far different experience than public schools can offer.  Public schools routinely put 23 – 26 children in a class.  In our school, individual interests and questions are encouraged and incorporated into daily studies.

Each year we welcome students with a range of knowledge, from beginning readers on up.  Each student will dramatically improve with the daily investment of our teachers.  Within the first two months, students are writing in full sentences within their publishing journals.

In Kindergarten, students have instructional time with our art, physical education, Spanish, music, and library specialists.   Your family will have extra experiential learning opportunities: field trips to agricultural and marine science locations, and to Mt. Baker Theater.

Students enjoy a STEM block where they get to invent, be creative, and discover more about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers.  We have “buddies” at different grade levels, to share this special emphasis, including Middle School Tech Buddies.

Here are two of our Kindergarten students (twins). They participated in the 8th Annual Whatcom County Science and Engineering Fair hosted at The Franklin Academy. Their joyful excitement to share their project was contagious.

You have opportunities for lots of formal and informal communication with the teacher, including a daily note sent home about the happenings of the day.  We encourage communication among our families, too.

Kindergarteners have three recesses a day, and our teachers are outside daily with their students. Teachers observe and supprt the social and emotional growth of their students in this monitored but free setting. Students interact with thier friends from other classes, and teachers know the students at several grade levels. Our recesses are student-centered, energetic, friendly, creative, and fun! 

You will appreciate the continued emphasis on achievement, leadership, moral and spiritual development that provides your child with confidence and positive direction. As you know, The Franklin Academy is more than a fine academic school; it’s a nurturing and supportive community.

One of our Kindergarten students helping a Pre-K student with some penguin art during a preschool visit day.

The investment you are making will be of long-term positive benefit for your child. The early years are crucial, and foundational.  We are proud to offer your child a strong foundational educational year to keep on their wonderful path of academic, social, and spiritual success.

Kindergarteners annually participate in the Neighborhood Apple Sharing program, sponsored by our Chapel Guild parents. Applying their learning ignites action at the Franklin Academy, even for these very young students!Kindergarteners eagerly apply what they have learned about sharing, as they thoughtfully create pretty baskets of apples.  Neighbors smile, and wave, and often send notes to let the children know that by actively sharing and caring, they have had a positive and real impact on the community.

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