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Getting to Know Franklin Academy

At Franklin, we have a rigorous STEM focused education for your child’s future; small class sizes for every grade level; and a safe, nurturing and supportive community. We limit class size to six to ten at our Preschool (Toddler – Jr. K OR Early K), 14 students in Kindergarten, and 15 for grades K-4, and Middle School core classes may be larger, depending upon subject area. Classes will rarely exceed 18, thus ensuring that our students have more opportunity to ask questions and express themselves.


Our preschool is an academically based National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accredited program with learning outcomes based on the Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines. We offer a very close-knit, challenging, and nurturing community that offers varying schedules for toddlers through Pre-K and/or Jr. K. The curriculum is literacy-rich, allows for exploration in science discovery (STEM focus) and the math program provides a balance of fun and academically appropriate activities. In addition, afternoon enrichment allows exploration with reading and writing activities that lead into activities that investigate the world. Overall, this adds depth to our morning academic programs. The preschool’s philosophy is that children learn through active participation, exploration, and self-discovery.

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Lower School

The Lower School (Grades Early K-4th Grade) provides a nurturing community where student needs, strengths, and gifts are known. Our small class sizes provide our students with the individual attention they need to be stimulated at their level. We have a common math hour to help facilitate mathematics by ability/readiness, and our curriculum follows standards from experts in each subject area. Students are in a homeroom where they have subjects in Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, as well as specialists in Art, Music, Physical Education, Library, and Spanish. Students learn how to engage in their learning, make reflections, develop a passion to create, and understand what it means to care for their greater community and friends.

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Middle School

Our fifth to eighth grade middle school program offers students a unique and personalized education. Students take eight classes on a rotating basis: Literature, Language Arts, Physical Education/Health, Spanish, Math, Science, and Social Studies with electives offered in Music (Choir or Band), Tutoring, Coding/Technology, Creative Writing, Makerspace, and Art. Due to our low teacher-to-student ratio, students routinely exceed state and national performance standards. An afternoon study hall is provided to allow students to get homework started and to ask clarifying questions of their teachers or peers. Each student has an advisor to help with social/emotional support and cross-grade mentor-ship. Our students are prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century with well-developed critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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Franklin Academy is proud to hold accreditations from:
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