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Success Stories from our Parents

Nneka London-Browne & Deran Browne

Nneka London-Browne & Deran Browne

Students in Kindergarten and 3rd Grade

Our family relocated to Bellingham in 2016, we discovered The Franklin Academy, shortly after that. Franklink has helped both our kids come out of their shells. Beling from Trinidad and Tobago, education is very important to our family and the school has allowed the kids to grow socially and academically while constantly pushing them forward.

We appreciate the small class sizes, the caring teachers, and the diversity at the school. This last year has changed everyone, but the teachers and staff at the school provided a bit of stability with our children and they have loved being able to see their friends, teachers, and the staff.

Hart Hodges

Hart Hodges

Daughters both graduated from 8th Grade

Our kids went through 8th grade at The Franklin Academy. Looking back, it is easy to see what they gained. For example, our younger daughter said recently that high school was a lot easier for her than for some of her friends because of what she learned at Franklin Academy. She said she learned how to manage her time and was comfortable interacting with her teachers. In short, our kids got the academic foundation we expected (being on track for multiple AP classes, being comfortable in Spanish 2 as a freshman, good grades, etc.). But the most important thing they gained by going to Franklin Academy may be the confidence they developed. The diversity of students at Franklin Academy, the way the teachers interacted with the kids, and the opportunities for personal growth all helped our girls develop a strong sense of self. And it is that sense – a poise – that we appreciate most looking back at their years at The Franklin Academy.

Shabir & Gabrielle Balolia

Shabir & Gabrielle Balolia

Daughters in Kindergarten (Preschool last year)

We’ve been fourtunate to have our girls attend The Franklin Academy for the last three years in the preschool program. We breifly tried a preschool that was closer to home in Bow, but quickly realized we missed the quality, safetly, and curriculum of The Franklin Academy. This solidifed our decision to have our girls attend all the way through 8th grade.

We appreciate the small class sizes, the caring teachers, and the diveristy at The Franklin Academy. COVID-19 created such upheaval for all of us, and having a in-person school this pass year has given our family some much needed normalcy. We are grateful for the staff and community at the school!

Chris Leon & Karen Enriquez

Chris Leon & Karen Enriquez

Daughter in 5th and Son in 8th

This school is everything our family was looking for and so much more! We researched/toured a small handful of schools last spring. We had a second-grade son and a preschool age daughter. My son was also reluctant to change schools and leave all his friends. In hindsight, we feel too much time was wasted. We should have pulled him out directly following that disappointing lukewarm meeting we had at his previous school. We knew, in our hearts, a change was required. So, in spring, we took a tour of Franklin Academy. We had just finished attending an open house for another private school (closer to home). We had even begun filling out all the registration paperwork for that school. We returned from the Franklin tour and knew it was the school for us! My son was able to be “student for a day” on campus. He loved it and was ready to make the change immediately following this special visit day. There are so many things that attracted us to this school. It is truly a community with amazing parents, teachers, and staff. It is diverse in many respects. Cultural and religious diversity is at the very core of true education, in my opinion. Franklin is accepting of all religions and all faiths are celebrated. Franklin Academy, with its small class sizes, is able to offer a more individualized education for each child. A rigorous curriculum in with an equal emphasis on social/emotional growth. A school that is giving each student high standards; an opportunity to excel, and be challenged. My son’s excitement for learning has returned! Best decision for our family.

Tung M. Ha, DO & Dr. Kerri Fitzgerald

Tung M. Ha, DO & Dr. Kerri Fitzgerald

Daughters in 5th and 8th Grade

Both of our daughters began their education at The Franklin Academy in the preschool program.  Even in preschool, we were pleasantly surprised by the school’s academic emphasis. Although we live in close proximity to a well regarded public elementary school, our family chose to continue our daughters’ education at Franklin Academy’s Lower School.  We were impressed by the high academic expectations in a welcoming and nurturing learning environment. The small class size enables individualized education where students are not being taught to just meet the State standard, but to reach their full potential in every subject. Teachers can focus their efforts on educating students instead of disciplining disruptive children. At every grade level, my daughters have had a close-knit peer group that is academically strong and engaged in extracurricular activities. These friends are supportive of one another inside and outside of school. Franklin Academy has fostered a love for learning in our daughters and they look forward to the upcoming Monday at the end of each week.  The school does a remarkable job of balancing academic rigor with holistic child education.  Moral character development it is an integral part of the curriculum. With a student body that is culturally and religiously diverse, we appreciate the universal humanistic values that are discussed in chapel and intertwined in the classroom. These topics have become the basis of our family dinner time conversations. Additionally, wearing a school uniform has ingrained a mindset for learning in my daughters.  At this school, the students focus on education instead of being worried about the latest fashion trends. Having our children attend The Franklin Academy has laid a solid foundation for success in life.  We are grateful to be part of this family.

Kirstin Doud

Kirstin Doud

Daughter Graduated 8th Grade

Grace started at The Franklin Academy (previously St. Paul’s Academy) as a first grader.  We suspected she might have a special aptitude in mathematics.  When we mentioned this to her first-grade teacher the week before school started she said, ” No problem, I’ll assess Grace during the first week of school.  If I can’t provide a challenging experience for her in math, then I will have her go to another grade during math time.  We will stretch Grace in math.”  Grace’s teachers met with us each year to plan how best to serve Grace in math.  I always felt her teachers regarded us as part of the team.  They listened to our input, added solid ideas of their own, and went the extra mile to make sure Grace would get the instruction she needed to go as far as she could go.  This individualized attention has continued in the upper school.

It is hard to say enough about how the teachers and administration at Franklin have successfully nurtured our daughter in mathematics, but their ability to differentiate instruction and assignments is ingrained in the way the school operates.  Here’s one example to illustrate: When Grace was in first grade, her teacher checked a writing sample for each student to find commonly misspelled words.  Each student took home an individualized spelling list containing words they were often misspelling.  Grace ended up with their, there, and they’re on her first spelling list.  When Grace brought that list home, I was amazed.  Since that time, I have come to realize that this is typical of the way teachers are able to individualize instruction.  As pleased as I have been with how Franklin has been able to accelerate her instruction in mathematics, I am equally pleased with the way her teachers have worked with her to help her grow as a reader and writer.


The Mission of the Franklin Academy is to provide academically capable and willing students a rigorous course of instruction, emphasizing leadership, achievement, and moral and spiritual development embodied in Christian values.

Franklin Academy is a supportive community with STEM-focused education in a safe, small class environment for all grades.

Core Commitments

I Will Engage

Embrace life with its joys and frustrations. Connect with family, friends, classmates, colleagues, and people around the world. Tackle problems and challenges – intellectual, practical, spiritual, and social. Discipline yourself, knowing that accomplishment and academic rigor require resilience and persistence. Act upon your convictions with courage and with kindness. Embrace leadership opportunities of all kinds.

I Will Reflect

Consider the meaning of life, what you believe, and your place in the world and in existence. Learn about your own mind, spirituality, and personality and how to get the best from yourself. Learn about others – what they value and what you can appreciate. Talk less, listen more. Question what you hear and read. Embrace the beauty of art, of science, of mathematics, of ideas, of true friendship, and of our world. Learn about history, that we may raise ourselves. Extend your awareness. Strive for knowledge moderated by wisdom.

I Will Create

Find your creative spark and nurture its flame. Keep an open mind; open to insight and inspiration. When others say “it can’t be done,” persevere and prove them wrong. Do what brings you joy. Build things: machines, ideas, songs, theorems, poems, friendships, teams, and communities. Discover what is fun and funny and intriguing and joyful in ways that strengthen, rather than diminish, those around you.

I Will Care

Care for yourself and build your personal strength. In that strength, extend yourself to be generous with your time and your spirit. Care for and respect others. Open your heart to their needs; those who are close at hand and those who are a world away. Care for the world we have been given. Aspire to quality in all you do. Act – meet needs you have not yet discovered.  Lead, always, with compassion and integrity.



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Opened St. Paul’s Episcopal School (K-6th) (3000 Northwest Ave.)


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