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Like many other non-profit organizations, a successful Annual Fund campaign is critical to the health of our school, providing funds for everyday operations that tuition alone doesn’t cover.

Parents, community leaders, local businesses, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and family friends – YOU have the power to make a difference in our classrooms this year.

Thanks to a generous donor, your dollars will go even further when you give or pledge this fall!

Every contribution made this fall will be matched dollar for dollar, up to the first $10,000 in donations or pledges!

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Students at work during the middle school summer math program

This year, the goal is to raise an additional $300,000 for the general operating budget, above the net proceeds from the Auction and regular income sources. We’ll easily exceed that goal if every family donates at the suggested rate of $1,000 per preschool student or $2,500 per K-8 student. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and family friends can all pitch in to meet this goal, and unlike tuition these donations may be 100% deductible. *

Every donation is a gift of time

In the 2017-2018 school year, students at the lower school received 7,803 more instructional minutes each year – an extra 16 days of instructional time. When the difference in class size was factored in, we found that K-8th grade students receive on average 141% more time with their teachers than their counterparts in the public-school system.

Dad’s Donut Day – part of our caring community culture

This precious extra time is expensive, and tuition only covers about 60% of the actual cost to operate our school. Our tuition prices are set to be competitive with other local independent schools so that we can fill our classrooms with willing and capable students from throughout our community. We are lucky to have a successful annual auction to bring in part of the missing funds, but there is still a significant shortfall.

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Kindergartners are proud of publishing their own stories.

Your action today will help to close the gap and maintain our school’s financially stability. Every dollar you donate or pledge for 2018-2019 will help ensure that our teachers and students have the time and tools needed to live up to the Franklin Academy mission.

We welcome your questions or comments. Please contact me or Heather Carter, Franklin Development Director, any time for further conversation about the Annual Fund or other fundraisers.

*Franklin Academy is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Please consult your tax adviser for current deduction regulations.