Our Three-Year-Old preschool students took a field trip to BelleWood Acres on Tuesday, September 26th and Wednesday, September 27th. Parents were encouraged to join their students for this hands-on “pick your own apples” experiential field trip and adventure.

The students loved to learn about the 25,000-tree orchard of BelleWood Acres, about 20 minutes from their preschool. There is no question that they enjoyed getting on the “Apple Bin Express.” While riding the express they made several stops to learn about pollination, pest control, water-use, and harvest.

They were able to pick their own apples and tour the packing barn where the apples were being processed for delivery to the market.

Did you know there are over 7,000 different types of apples in the world? The students and parents were educated on the different apples grown at this farm which include: Jonagold, Sansa, and HoneyCrisp. It was a surprise that there were about 20 delicious apple varieties grown at BelleWood Acres, and to learn how the farm is managed and the apples grown, protected, and harvested.

It was great to spend part of the day on the farm with preschool classmates. We had gorgeous, sunny weather and enjoyed views of the backdrop of Mt. Baker. The tour ended with tasting several different apple varieties, discussing their origin and uses and sampling cider. Lots of parents left with pies, ciders, and other goodies that were available in the farm market and bakery.

The students will use the apples from the farm to make a delicious apple pie in class on Friday.

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