Teacher Evaluation

One of the best ways we can demonstrate the power of lifelong learning to our students is by our teachers modeling this for them. One way this happens at St. Paul’s Academy is through teacher evaluations.

I conduct at least one formal observation and evaluation of each of our staff members each year (along with frequent informal observations throughout the year). The purpose of formal evaluation is to ensure that our teachers truly fit the vision of our school. We want our students to have the best education possible; which means we also want top quality staff members.

Unlike public institutions that may formally evaluate new staff members but then decrease their oversight as teachers receive tenure, we look at staff members each year and provide constructive feedback to him or her. We then send our teachers to workshops, purchase different books or programs so they can improve weaknesses and heighten their strengths. We only want top-tier teachers.

You may think this is a stressful process for teachers, but most of them relish the opportunity to show off their great teaching and diverse skill sets.

Observing our staff reinforces how proud I am of our school. St. Paul’s Academy is truly a special place to learn. We have fabulous, talented teachers who model lifelong learning by being willing to grow and expand their knowledge just like they ask students to do.

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